Adoro Three Regions Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Classic minerality with typical new world hints of cut grass and green apple with balanced tropical flavours such as peach, to enhance the structure and complete the wine. Lingering flavours and complexity in the structure make this wine a perfect partner for a variety of meals and occasions.

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Q & A with Ian Naude, Master Blender and Winemaker from Adoro Wines Ian-Naude What made you decide to become a winemaker? Never decided to become one, honestly winemaking chose me! What is your winemaking philosophy? As a winemaker you can use only what nature gives (blesses) you with, do as little as possible to capture terroir and bless people with a gift from nature. It’s not about you it is about terroir! It is said that up to 80% of a finished wine begins in the vineyard, how does this influence your approach to sourcing grapes from so many vineyards as you state in your video? This is the question that excites me … we all use the word terroir so easily. Terroir is when everything in nature and grapes come together, this is hundreds of years of trial and error!! Blending is my passion and the Western Cape is one of the most blessed areas in the world, we have so many terroirs to choose from because a Chenin Blanc from Durbanville and a Chenin from Elgin, Stellenbosch or Darling taste completely different. As a winemaker, I can go to these different vineyards and taste the grapes and see where they fit in my blend – this is the ONLY place where a winemaker should put his style (thumbprint) to create a style he is known for. Even if it is the same cultivar, it’s still a blend of different terroirs – an example is my Adoro Sauvignon Blanc – a blend of 3 different regions – each region brings something beautiful to the wine. I think we are the only country in the world that can give you the best of the classic mineral taste of the “Old World” and fresh flavours of the ‘New World” – My wines should complement food, and because I do as little as possible and not manipulate the process, the wines age beautifully !! Doesn’t blending from so many vineyards loose the sense of terroir? We are here to showcase the vintage and not make “recipe” wines You are very passionate about dogs, especially border collies, when and how did this begin? As winemakers, we live close to nature and I [have] always believed if you can’t make a difference to the space you share, you are wasting space! There is a special bond between winemaker and his dog (maybe it is because they love unconditionally and don’t judge your wines!). I wish I could help all needy animals but if I make world class wines I can give it to lots of charities and they can hopefully get good prices for my hard work –sounds like a win-win situation to me! Border Collies are incredibly clever dogs, that’s why I made them “The Adoro Board of Directors”