Casas del Bosque

Casas del Bosque Reserva Pinot Noir 2015

Made from cool-climate fruit, yet with rich red berry flavours on the palate. Hints, only hints, of jamminess make it very appealing!This Pinot makes an excellent introduction to the range of red wines which the Casas del Bosque estates produce.  

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Casas del Bosque is one of the premium producers in Chile and they own estates in different parts of the country which benefit from different microclimates. In this case the Casablanca Valley, with its cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean, provides an excellent home for white varieties and cool-cliamte reds e.g. Pinot Noir & Syrah. The vines are planted on  free-draining soils on the hillsides, thus avoiding the more fertile valley floor. The resullting wines are much lighter in texture than many 'New World' examples and are not unlike NZ wines fom Hawkes Bay or cool-climate Australian wines from Tasmania or Margaret River, but usually offer bette value.