Chablis Domaine des Malandes 2018

Crisp, lean, yet with enough fruit & minerality to make it very attractive. This is modern winemaking at its best, respectful of the grape (chardonnay) and soil (Kimmeridgian clay)plus climate. Bottled under screw-cap for extra freshness.

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On 29 hectare Domaine des Malandes is a family business that has the privilege to associate craft tradition of winemakers with the best modern equipment. The result is found in wines of high quality rewarded regularly in national and international competitions for years. The location and monitoring crop IPM plots, and the extreme care taken in wine, contribute significantly to the finesse of the wines and their very typical expression of terroir. All our windfalls can be enjoyed with seafood, as an aperitif, with grilled fish, poached or baked, also a poultry farmer, a good pot or roast veal.