Chateau Grand Pey Lescours St Emilion Grand Cru 2012

With 80% merlot in the blend, this is perhaps one of our favourite Bordeaux wines...not based purely on the quality.....but when you factor in the price, this is a great buy. We drank (yes not tasted it must be said) this wine with some friends. How outrageous! We simply enjoyed it. Ripe, soft, not overly complex and not a wine that will last too long -  a roast of some kind....not over powering!

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Merlot 75 %, Cabernet Franc 25 %

St Emilion has been producing wine for longer than the Médoc  but its lack of accessibility to Bordeaux's port and market restricted exports to mainland Europe and the region never originally enjoyed the commercial success which funded the great châteaux of the Left Bank.
St Emilion itself is the prettiest of Bordeaux's wine towns, perched on top of the steep limestone slopes upon which many of the region's finest vineyards are situated.  However, more than half of the appellation's vineyards lie on the plain between the town and the Dordogne River on sandy, alluvial soils with a sprinkling of gravel.  
In recent years there has been an explosion of experimentation and evolution, leading to the rise of the "garagistes", producers of deeply concentrated wines made in very small quantities and offered at high prices.  The appellation is also surrounded by four "satellite" appellations, Montagne, Lussac, Puisseguin and St. Georges, which enjoy a family similarity but not the complexity of the best wines.