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Sitio Sao Jose is owned and managed by Luiz Roberto and is located in the Municipality of Carmo de Minas, in the south of Minas Gerais, at the Mantiqueira Mountain Range rim, at an altitude of 1,150 meters. The name Mantiqueira derives from a Tupi-Guarani word meaning "mountains that cry", denoting the large number of springs and streams found there.The Mantiqueira region has quite a unique environment and is excellent for the production of high quality beans which produces some of the best cups in Brazil. The farms topography is mountainous and the climate is very good for coffee growing, with annual rainfalls averaging 1800 mm and temperature averaging 18º C.Luiz Roberto grows his coffees alongside good sustainability and environmental preservation of the farm and of the region.Coffee is picked selectively when the fruit is ripe. Picking is carried out manually and in the main onto cloth due to the topography of the growing areas and for the beans not to come in contact with the soil.The same day the cherry is picked they are placed in burlap bags and transported to the processing area. The cherry is then processed by washing, pulping and drying on terraces following quality standards.Once dry the coffee is washed through a pulper, which in addition to pulping the cherry beans, also separates them from the green beans. The cherry pulped beans are then dried in parchment on concrete terraces. After the coffee is dry it’s placed in wooden bins for at least 30 days to rest.

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Cup profile and tasting notes

Dark chocolate, sweet-meal biscuit, dark dried fruit acidity, full bodied cup, thick mouthfeel.

250g Pouch Ground for Cafetiere Filters