Chateau St Jacques d'Albas

Domaine d'Albas blanc 2016

Made from a blend of Viognier & Vermentino, the white is reaonably full-textured and complex with a good balance of fruit (peaches, nectarines, melon, typical of Viognier) with zingy acidity (citrus especiailly lime, typical of Vermentino). Excellent a aperitif or with fish dishes and first courses. It's a wine with  a lot of character and shows its sunny origins on its rounded finish. A refreshing change from yet more Sancerre wannabees or Marlborough lookalikes. 

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Chateau St Jacques d'Albas is a small family-owned property at Laure in the Aude departement . The philosphy of the family is to produce quality wines with minimum intervention in the vineyard in terms of  chemical additives or insecticides. Yields are kept quite low and as much as possible in th wine-making process is done in a non-mechanical way.