Domaine Gigondan Grenache Comte de Grignan Vdp 2015

Made in the better Cotes du Rhone style, this is a versatile red for meats and cheeses made in the Drôme dept just north & east of the famous Rhône wines.

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A family owned estate for seven generations, extending to the municipalities of Saint Pantaléon les Vignes in Drôme Provencale and Valréas part of the Enclave of the Popes in  the Vaucluse.

......."The most noble grape varieties of the Côtes du Rhône appellation are represented in the vineyard. Grenache, which is the majority, expresses itself in all its fullness on this soil burned by the sun; it brings to the cuvées tannin, body, alcohol and the finest aromas that develop during aging. It is accompanied by moderate amounts of Syrah for the color and wild aromas, Cinsault for its finesse and fruity, Mourvèdre and Carignan.The vineyard leads to the old, in reasoned culture, covers 35 hectares. The diversity of siliceous schist soils, clay-limestone hillsides and sandy depressions explains the richness of the terroir and its personality which earned it the name of Côtes du Rhône Village Communal which is also the legitimate reward of a wine-growing past borrowed from respect for the tradition attached to the quality of wines and concern for their reputation. In addition to the vine, the majority, we grow lavender and apricot Domaine Gigondan."