Jordan Chameleon Merlot No Added Sulphur 2017

High quality toasted wooden staves add tannin and structure which complements the sweet berry and dark chocolate notes of the Merlot. No sulphur was added during the production process.

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Natural wine making is easier to master when working with healthy grapes and our quirky Chameleon is proof that getting back to nature can be fun. No sulphites were added in making this juicy Merlot for immediate enjoyment


Stellenbosch Kloof enjoys a cooler Mediterranean climate with maritime influences from False Bay, 14km to the south, and a refreshing breeze channelled from the West Coast’s Benguela current 24km to the north-west. These two breezes culminate at the top end of the ravine and bring in early morning mists, especially from False Bay. Consequently, temperatures in our mesoclimate can be measured at least 3° Celsius cooler than inland Stellenbosch during ripening peri-ods. This adds a unique characteristic to Jordan wines.


 The wine was not aged in the barrel as this is a micro-oxidative process. To protect the wine from oxidation it was aged on its lees on oak staves for 10 months before bottling. No sulphur was added during the course of vinification.