Leitz Rudesheimer Berg Rosneck Riesling Dry 'Katerloch' 2011

The Red Hill Vineyard at Rudesheim The Riesling from the Roseneck hill carries in its fragrance touches of peach, lemon, orange zest, aniseed, lovage and green pepper. It is both emphatic and smooth on the palate. The fruity acidity has retracted its claws, and practically tiptoes softly over the tongue. This dry, harmoniously balanced Riesling from the hill overlooking Rüdesheim makes an excellent accompaniment to pasta with pesto alla Genovese, puff pastries filled with sheep’s cheese and olives, fried black pudding with Riesling cabbage and cheese fondue.

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The Rheingau Region is the only point where the Rhine river flows from east to West as it encounters the Taunus mountains. For 30km it flows due west, exposing a vast south facing slope, which gets progressively steeper as it moves west. It is only the last 6km, from Rudesheim onwards, where Johannes plies his viticultural skills.

One speciality and definitively the strength of Leitz winery is the strict collection of first growth Riesling vineyards combined with low yields and highest standard vineyard management.