Payten & Jones Yarra Valley Sangiovese 2015

This variety makes itself from this vineyard.  All we have to do is look at it over the top of the newspaper once a day. Raspberries, juniper, dried herbs. The Vineyard sits in a small valley at the base of the Warramate Hills.  The clone (Mudgee Clone) and Variety seem to be perfectly suited to this area.

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Being the only two (literate) students to Graduate Healesville High School (1997), Behn (the Payten) and Troy (the Jones) were always destined to work together. Behn drove his first Tractor at the age of 5. Troy started talking at the age of 8 months and hasn’t shut up since.  Naturally they fell in with the wrong crowd and became Winemakers.

“Our wines are a little different – they are a little murky in the glass and can sometimes throw a bit of sediment.  They always look better with air, served at the right temperature with amazing food and great company. The wines are not ‘perfect’ by the industry standard, but they have personality for the situations we like enjoying them in .We feel that drinking these wines is equivalent to experiencing a live band  as opposed to listening to the recorded track – minimal intervention, ‘raw’ processes, not filtered or cleaned up in any way.  With this, you can feel that sense of place.