Phillip Shaw

Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier 2017

Light in texture, with some spritz, we’re almost in vinho verde territory here! Then the varietal flavours start to develop on the palate, peach and nectarine, with a pleasant balancing acidity. No one will get it, but it’s a great aperitif as a ‘guess the wine’ contestant!

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Philip Shaw is a famous character in the world of wine, but almost unknown out of it. As head winemaker at Rosemount for many years he was responsible for making big, bold wines of a consistent standard, many of which became standards of the British shelves. Since buying his own plot of land in Orange, New South Wales, he has planted the Koomooloo vineyards to a range of varietals, trying to match the variety to the soil at this high altitude of 900m, so cool climate, especially at night. We’re not talking Scottish glens here, but night-time minima are certainly lower than many would expect. This leads to longer ripening time for the grapes, so more complexity in the resulting wines. Renowned in viticultural circles as an expert in keeping the flavours in Chardonnay without letting the wines become too fat and heavy, Philip Shaw’s Archtitect Chardonnay & Wirewalker Pinot Noir are good examples of Burgundy-style wines made in cool-climate Australia, so providing an introduction to his range