Tindall Estate

Tindall Estate Sauvignon 2018

It is difficult to believe that it was not until 1973 that the first commercial vineyards were established in Marlborough. Tindall Vineyard is a 22 hectare single estate in the Blenheim area, at the northern tip of the Marlborough region. A subtle, more restrained style of Marlborough Sauvignon, less ‘spot the gooseberry in the glass’ and more similar to Sancerre in approach with a clean palate, delicate fruity flavours followed by a pleasant, harmonious finish.

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The estate is situated in Blenheim, so in the centre of the Marlborough district where proud owners Terry & Lynley Sowman oversee the operation which is now in the hands of their sons Clyde & Nigel Sowman. Winemaking itself is in the hands of expert Dr John Forrest and the estate specialises in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The philosophy of the Sowmans is that by replicating the dense planting of better French vineyards and with low yields, then quality wines will result. We’re not talking trophy wines here e.g. Cloudy Bay which sell for large sums, but equally we’re not talking about the Oyster Bays or Neds of this world, oceans of taste-alike Marlborough Sauvignon all very much like any other. We’re talking about elegant wines from classic varieties which would find a place at a dinner-party or in a restaurant. The very opposite of pretentious though (this is South Island NZ after all), the aim of the family is to produce wines which are there to be enjoyed in good company.