Val do Xuliana Albarino 2016

From the albarino heartlands, this is a peach  of a peach and apricot delight with hints of grapefruit and lemon and a pleasing flintiness. The grapes are handpicked and the wine spends some time ageing on its lees, giving it a depth and a complexity. A great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc, and a perfect match with seafood and salads. 

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The Bodega has 50 hectares of vineyards, of which 20 are directly owned and the other 30 belong to its 105 partners. In fact the land ownership dispersion serves to guarantee a balance between quality and unrestrained growth is maintained. The vineyards are nestled on the slope of hills around the concellos de as Neves, surrounded by three rivers the Miño, Termes and Xuliana. Its climate has a strong Atlantic influence. During the winter the Gulf Stream brings cold fronts from the Tropics resulting in heavy rainfall with moderate temperature and little difference between day and night time temperatures. Springs comes early with no frost. The summers are dry due to the Azores anticyclone, with temperatures maintained at moderate levels due to the proximity of the Atlantic. Soils are of granite origin and relatively sandy, rich in organic material and acidic.

Akin to a Viognier but lighter and with a keen acidity; this example is from the cooler climes of North-West Spain where it excels. The grapes are carefully handpicked before the wine spends a short time ageing on its lees, adding depth and texture.