Villa Wolf

Villa Wolf Pinot Rosé Magnum 2018

Red cherry, peach and strawberry flavours mingle with a slightly sweet impression on the finish. This is a delicious though delicate rosé that would work well with spicy foods. It’s yet another quality offering from the Villa Wolf estate, who’d have thought we’d all be guzzling GERMAN rosé?

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"Ernst Loosen took over the historic J.L. Wolf estate so that he could make traditionally crafted Rhine wines to complement the light and elegant Dr. Loosen Rieslings he produces in the Mosel region. In the classic style of the Pfalz, these wines are more full-bodied than Mosel wines, with higher alcohol and pure flavors of ripe fruit and stone. The Pfalz region lies between the Haardt Mountains and the Rhine River, directly north of France’s Alsace region. As in Alsace, the mountains protect the area from harsh Atlantic weather, making it one of the warmer and drier areas of Germany. In this climate, achieving full ripeness is possible in nearly every vintage.