Dr Loosen Sekt Riesling Extra Dry

Delicious aperitif wine with a fine mousse and delicate fruity character. Instantly appealing displaying style, elegance and minerality with an extra dry finish.

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The Dr.Loosen estate has been in the same family for over 200 years. When Ernst Loosen assumed ownership in 1988, he realised that with ungrafted vines averaging 50 years old in top-rated Middle Mosel vineyards, he had the raw materials to create stunningly intense world-class wines. To do this, Ernst dramatically reduced his crop size and stopped all chemical fertilisation, preferring only moderate use of organic fertilisers. He insisted on fully mature fruit that had been very strictly selected. He turned to gentler cellar practices that would allow the wine to develop its full potential with a minimum of handling and technological meddling.