Kintu Chardonnay 2016/17

Brilliant deep yellow colour. The aroma brings out scents of banana, pineapple and ripe melon. The palate is intense and crisp with a long, creamy texture and tropical flavours that vindicate the aroma. It has an elegant balance, with good acidity. Flavourful and persistant finish. A lovely aperitif, alternatively serve with pan-fried seafood, roasted white meats and creamy pasta dishes.

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The Kintu wines come from the Maule Valley where the low hills and plains have been important for viticulture for last two hundred years. The word Kintu means fine view, and in a land as beautiful and stunning as Chile, it is hardly surprising the local dialect has many such words. Like many of Chile’s regions, Maule has a cooling ocean breeze and misty mornings that allow the grapes to maintain their natural acidity whilst attaining full ripeness. The relatively flat, easy to farm land and low labour costs enable us to offer these wines at very competitive prices.The grapes are grown on sandy loam soils and trellised using Vertical Shoot Positioning. Fermentation is slow and cool in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Selected yeasts encourage the retention of natural aromas and primary fruit flavours to be captured. Before bottling the wine is cold stabilised and filtered.