Puy De Dome Pinot Noir Cave Saint Verny 2016 Magnum

The modern co-op Cave de Verny is very proud to publicise the origins of this wine in the Auvergne. Yes, it IS a surprise to those who know the region for its water (Volvic), cheese (Cantal, St Nectaire, St Agur etc) its volcanic scenery, everything but wine! In fact , this is an extremely appealing Pinot Noir, so much better than many of thin, acidic, Bourgognes. Red fruits and hints of mushrooms.

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Puy de Dôme is a commune within the Auvergene region to the south of Loire, and is named after the large volcanic dome that is the local landmark. The granitic soils and 350-550 metres of vineyard elevation are ideal for production of this cool-climate-style Pinot.

Pinot Noir vines were planted in the Auvergne over the last fifteen years. Several crops were needed to clearly establish the style of wine that was needed.  Pinot Noir was the traditional grape of the Auvergne since the Middle Ages when it was known as the ‘Auvernat’. It lost its dominance in the nineteenth century in favour of Gamay.