Singletrack Christmas 2021

As ever, if you need any help with or wine..then please get in touch 

As per last year, we are delivering direct to your home.

We have made a pre selection for you, but you may, of course, choose anything we have in our range.


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  • If you order exceeds £135 you must pay the difference yourself
  • For delivery please select 'Singletrack Delivery' and you will NOT be charged

 Delivery: Your gift selection will be delivered to your home or can be collected from Excellar in Surbiton or Claygate

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with this..... with Mervyn da Silva at

Baron de Sigognac VS

The Baron de Sigognac company is owned by the Guasch family and is based in the village of Catelnau d'Auzan in Gascony. Their vineyards of Ugni Blanc ...
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Becketts Dry Gin 70cl

An exquisite gin distilled and bottled in London, with a refreshing zesty flavour, that is also warm and aromatic, with a slightly cool aftertaste.Bec...
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Becketts Sloe Gin 70cl

Beckett's is unique in being made with English juniper berries handpicked from Box Hill in Surrey. To make their sloe gin, Beckett's steep juicy sloe ...
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Burt's Blue 180g

Burt’s Blue cheese is made using pasteurised milk; the milk is inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti (blue mould), which develops on the surface of t...
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