Tamar Ridge

Devils Corner Pinot Noir Tasmania 2016

Ripe, savoury Pinot from Tasmania with a drier finish than many would expect. The wine has an attractive ddep cherry?Burgundy colour and a harmonious aroma of red summer fruits (redcurrants, cherries) plus hints of vaniilin from the partial oak-ageing, although this is very restricted. The palate is fruity, not overly so, with those typical Pinot flavours in the mouth, medium bodied for a Pinot with a smooth finish. Some soft tannins are evident since this is a young wine still, but these are not bitter and in fact provide a good accompaniment to dishes such as poultry, pork or charcuterie . All in all, an interesting, successful cool-climate Pinot which would suit a wide variety of tastes. 

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Devil's Corner is a range of wines produced by Tamar Ridge on the northern side of Tasmania east of Launceston. The climate is cool (42 degrees latitude) and benefits from good conditions for growing the Alsatian varieties (Pinots Blanc & Gris), Gewurztraminer, Riesling, plus Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Lastly on the more clay-based soils in warmer sites, Pinot Noir flourishes and produces fruity, interesting, structured, well-made wines which suit a wide variety of tastes. Yields are kept low and the use of artificial persticides is kept to a minimum.