Tenuta San Pietro

Tenuta San Pietro

Tenuta San Pietro, Gavi

For those new to this winery and my connection......I was on holiday in Piemonte 6 years and happened on the vineyard, as one does. I was amazed the not only the quality, but the cleanliness and vivacity of all the wines. The rest of the holiday was put to good use, testing the wines at all times of the day and night....good old quality control. Since then we have shipped from them annually and many of you have shared my enjoyment.

Tenuta San Pietro is situated in Tassarolo in southern Piemonte, home to the top Gavi producers. The hilly terrain and chalky/limestone soils suit the cultivation of the Cortese grape particularly and several of the best producers are cultivating their vineyards along organic lines. Tenuta San Pietro operates a limited yield policy which means that the wines have more character and definition.

San Pietro Brut V.S. .

Made from a blend of the indigenous Cortese grape and the better-known Chardonnay, this sparkling wine has been made from organically produced grapes....
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