Ex Cellar Wine Hub

From the beginning of April 2024, we are creating a new service which encapsulates all that we offer. Its free to join, and you can also subscribe to our Saints subscription service and enjoy greater levels of discount, as well as being part of our loyalty scheme to earn points which you can redeem in store.

Join up to our new Ex Cellar Wine Hub and experience and even more enjoyable way to imbibe. A:s a member of the Hub you will be able to:

  • Sign up to the Saints. Monthly subscribers get up to 30% discount off wine  Saints subscription service
  • Join the loyalty scheme and enjoy free food @ Ex Cellar Wine Café in both Surbiton & Kingston loyalty scheme


  • Have access to ‘Early Bird’ shipping wine offers
  • Order on line @ www.excellar.co.uk
  • Invitations to Vineyard visits
  • Next day delivery
  • Discounts on music tickets
  • Invitations to Quarterly wine tastings 
  • Book Private @ Home or in store tastings
  • Private Parties @ ours
  • Receive discounts on Live Music tickets
  • Access to proper wine advice
  • Read our blog…stories and news...Our Blog

Its Free to join 

With a heady mix of wine, food  and music, we offer a unique combination that is focused on people….You, us, the wine and food producers and the lovely musicians who play.

A selection of more than 200 wines, many organic, as well as rare whiskies, small grower Champagne, great brandies and Cognacs……ooohh and some delicious Limoncello!

We offer discounts on mixed cases, can make up hampers and deliver all over the UK. 

It easy to join, just email, call, pop in or visit our web site for details

Visit www.excellar.co.uk

Email info@excellar.co.uk

Call 01372 461187