The Cognac region consists of some 78,000 hectares of vines (Approximately 95% of this vineyard is used for Cognac production).

This region is divided into the six officially recognized growths: - Grande Champagne: there are chalky soils - Petite Champagne : very similar to those of Grande Champagne, but not so fine. - Borderies : clay and flint stones - Fins Bois : clayey and chalky soils - Bons Bois : sandy soils - Bois ordinaires : sandy soils

The vineyard of the Trijol Family is planted in the two areas of the Grande and Petite Champagne. In the region, harvesting usually begin at the end of September or early October. The grapes are pressed immediately after picking. The juice obtained is immediately set to ferment.

The wines (mainly from the Ugni-blanc variety) obtained after 3 weeks of fermentation contain approximately 9% alcohol by volume. As the Ugni-blanc is a late-ripening variety, its natural acidity makes it the ideal grape for the crafting of a white wine for distillation.Trijol distill their wine 24 hours a day until the March 31st, the legal deadline for their spirit to be called a cognac. Thereafter it can be nothing more than a brandy.

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