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Travelling around the vineyards around various parts of the world I am always struck by how much wine and food blends in to everyday life. A small vineyard is really a farm, and a farm produces food for all the local people to enjoy. Food and wine are don’t have one without the other.

In this country we sometimes see wine as a threat. It’s bad for us, it needs to be taxed to extinction, it can be the cause of a lot that is wrong in society....binging.

It need not be so, and many societies in Europe show us that when one has wine with food it is a complete, and completely different, experience.

I have been lucky enough to have eaten some really simple food and had with it some really simple wine and to have found this experience probably more enjoyable than eating at the best restaurants in town.

I am also lucky enough to have a wine merchant as a father and a cook as a mother, and so have experienced good food and good wine together for many years.

This Ex Cellar is an attempt to bring good wine and some good food together under one roof, in an environment that you may well find in parts of Europe. We want it to be a relaxed and enjoyable space where you, the customer, can enjoy a bit of time, perhaps with friends, and taste something really good.

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