A new offer from our cellar door shipping club

A new offer from our cellar door shipping club

Following the successful launch of the direct shipping service last Autumn with the wonderful wines from San Pietro in Gavi, we thought that we would repeat the offer this year. Brexit, The Prime Minister, the manager of Chelsea, Manchester United and City and much else has changed during the last 12 months. The quality of the wines from this estate have not. Many of you bought these wines last year, and we were really pleased with the comments that came back. Some bottles drunk during the week, some over Christmas, and some possibly on the bus. All in all the wines were very well received and so here's to the 2016 shipment. Please see my tasting notes from last year for inspiration.

After a week in the hills of Piemonte, I stumbled across a biodynamic vineyard in Gavi. On a hot afternoon it was not the biodynamic bit that grabbed my attention.....it was more that I had a raging thirst and there was cold white wine on offer.

One thing always leads to another in this line of work, and I soon discovered that I had tasted the range and enjoyed the lot. Two white Gavi wines, a few sparkling, and a couple of reds and of course Grappa to finish. I loved the wine making, the style, quality and complexity of the wines.

Having brought a few cases home, we finished the last bottle on the weekend. I want more, but can only get the San Pietro Gavi here, priced £18. The reds and fizz are not available.

So, we are going to ship a load into the country and want to share the joy. In order to make this work we are going to offer the 1st 35 cases of the range at up to nearly half normal price. The last 15 cases we intend to put on the shelves and sell as normal. We are going to not place the wine in bond, cut out as many of the shipping and handling costs as possible and get it to you at the best price we possibly can. Our real benefit is that we then get the balance of a great collection of wines to put on our shelves.

Please note, you can mix and do not have to order unbroken cases. We want you to try them all if possible. However, we do need a minimum of 1 case order. Depending on where you are and how many cases you order will depend on delivery costs. Free to locality of our shops and Fulham and any spend over £150 for most other places.

Please send in orders by return. Closing date is 2nd October. We will contact you regarding delivery dates, payment details and other details.

Please email us sales@excellar.co.uk