Emily Faye

Emily Faye

Ex Cellar Live Sessions


Emily Faye Live, 

23rd September 2023 @ 7pm

Ex Cellar Surbiton 

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Fond of delightfully upbeat sounds with catchy hooks and all the feels?

Emily Faye takes the hearts of country-pop connoisseurs and novices by storm. The UK-based songsmith succeeds at creating pop infused sunny yet sweetly fierce songs that rightfully earned her acclaim from Rolling Stones magazine: labelled as 'a new country artist you need to know’. Emily Faye is bridging the gap between country and pop with a firm storytelling vision in both her musical beginnings and forthcoming releases. Faye's latest single 'When It Comes To Leaving'  is "The Country Pop track of 2022 so far..." 

During COVID-19 Emily started her very own ‘Secret Song Club’ on Patreon.