The Spanish Armada Tasting

The Spanish Armada Tasting

The Spanish Armada Tasting

Friday 13th November 2015

From 7.30pm onwards

Excellar Brighton Road, Surbiton

Tickets £25 per head or £45 for 2

Yes folks, for one night only we in Surbiton are to be invaded by a small fleet of delicious Spanish Wines. Thankfully, with no Francis Drake to stand in the way of an influx of Tempranillo and Pedro Ximenez , we will be welcoming the great Carlos Read to the inner sanctum of Excellar Surbiton.

Carlos Read has spent his entire career in the wine trade immersed in all things Spanish. His Father, a Spanish Travel writer, was most definitely responsible. His knowledge of the wines, the wine makers, the people, language and culture is enormous. As the discoverer of many wines other than Rioja, he has been at the forefront of the evolution of Spanish Wines for 30 years.

We will be feeding you into the bargain

Spaces are limited, so to book, please call or email soonest. 0208 390 6832...

We can only guarantee bookings once the tickets have been paid for.

Hope to see you there

Hasta luego