Henry Grace Live

Henry Grace Live

Ex Cellar Live Sessions


Henry Grace 

Saturday March 11th from 7pm

Tickets Surbiton

Henry Grace live

from wonderland magazine

You might not have heard the name Henry Grace, but if you like raw, emotional lyricism, American folk, and Bruce Springsteen and Bon Iver were your first loves, then it’s time to get to know this newcomer. He’s just released his debut album today, Alive in America, an autobiographical record of his battle with depression and move to America from the UK. 

Born and raised in London, Henry suffered with depression, and at 21, after hitting rock bottom, he moved to California in order to get treatment. In LA he not only shook off his demons: he got into Berkeley to study literature, started to pursue music, and quickly began to sell out venues as his sound transitioned from British folk singer to Americana songwriter. After fives years in the states, and two EP’s later, he returned to London, where he continued to write and tour relentlessly, advocate for mental health awareness, and put together a record. The album was recorded live over 5 days at Rockfield Studios in early 2021. Engineered by Josh Tyrell (Van Morrison) and mixed by Oliver McKiernan (Echobelly), Alive in America is rough around the edges, almost harsh at times, like the landscape he is drawing from, and is littered with cinematic imagery resonant of the Coen brothers.