How to become a Saint

How to become a Saint


Becoming a Saint can be an arduous task, fraught with many challenges. Those that finally make it ensure their place in history. Ordinarily, It can be a tough journey, with many pitfalls…..many of these are well documented. However, for those that persevere, the rewards are eternal.


At Excellar, we are developing a programme that will make the process certainly more enjoyable, less dangerous, and hopefully just a bit more interesting.


It does involve spreading the gospel, as the more followers that have the same faith in their local independent shops, the more rewarding our lives will become.


Rewards you say……..well yes, up to 35% saving on wine purchased, with the opportunity also to take part in tastings, dinners and trips….as well as the warm glow knowing you are helping your local independents

Key points to remember as you start on your personal road to Sainthood:

There is no membership fee…every £1 you spend you get wine in return!

The minimum amount to send per month is £10.

There is no maximum.

The money will be held on account for you to use at any time.

You can stop at any time and any unspent money is refundable in full.


Step 1. 

Decide on how much you would like to spend on wine per month. The minimum amount is £10. Please remember that if you don’t use all of it in one go, or every month, the balance will be held on account.

Step 2.

Set up a standing order to:

Saints@Excellar, Account No…………07702370, Sort Code……………23-69-72

Reference……………Your Name (or if a gift the name of the recipient)

Please set up the payment dates as the 15th or 21st of the month

Step 3.

Confirm by email that this has been done to

Step 4.

Breath out…….we will be in touch by return with a short questionnaire about your likes, preferences and requirements, and we will also let you know how you can benefit, make savings, attend events and really start to connect with those that actually make your wine.

Excellar, 107 Hare Lane, Claygate, KT100QX, 01372 461187


So the Journey begins

Your Saintly Rewards

For the minimum £10 monthly spend Saints can either:

Select to have a treat bottle up to the value of £15 once a month delivered to your door (if local)

Select to leave your spend on account and get 15% off single bottle purchases or 20% off for mixed 3s

For a minimum monthly spend more than £10

All Saints can opt to have a monthly treat bottle delivered to their door

For a monthly spend of between £15 and £45 

Get 15% off any single wine bottle price, 20% off for mixed 3s, 25% for mixed 6s

For a monthly spend of between £50 and £95 

Get 15% off any single wine bottle price, 25% off for mixed 3s, 30% for mixed 6s

For a monthly spend of between £100 and above

Get 15% off any single wine bottle price, and 30% for any mix more than 3

Any Saint may self-select from our range in store, or on line. However, if you would rather we did the selection for you please let us know. We are happy to swap any unopened bottles.

All Saints will get first look and up to 35% off special purchases, will get discounts on ticket prices for tastings, events and trips (details to follow as soon as we can) and will have the possibility to call for advice on wine and food matching, no matter where the wine is purchased from. We will be in touch with further developments.

To help guide us in our quest for perfection please provide us with some basic likes/dislikes












Old World


Off Dry


New World




Top Country

Please note, offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.